sabrina (noahfects) wrote in hot_lyke_whoa,

am i hot_lyke_whoa!?!?

Sexual preference:male <3
Location: boca raton, florida
Movies:the notebook <3, fast times at ridgemont high,a night at the roxeburry, nothing but trouble, amelie,fight club, sex and the city <3.aqua teen hunger force. teehee
Bands You Like: taking back sunday, the mars volta,postal service, mad caddies, rx bandits,oasis,duran duran,fiona apple<3
Bands You Dislike:bowling for soup,Good Charlotte ,afi,simple plan,blink 182
5 Of Your Favorite Songs: this is not an exit/saves the day,roses fade/luscious jackson,cute without the E/tbs,wonderwall/oasis,out of my mind/duran duran
Hobbies/Interests:playing the drums,movies,music <3,concerts,shopping,sleeping,

Situations. Please do not repeat yourself and be clear with your opinions. Do not just put pro-choice or pro life or it depends. Think about it.
Abortion:i think that it if it is the type of situation where you were raped or something along those lines, it would be ok to have an abortion, but young girls who get pregnant should not take advantage of it, they should be smarter in their choices.
Pre-Marital Sex:i think that pre-marital sex is ok.i think it would be exciting to have sex for the first time with your husband, but if you like a guy and you want to get into his pants, you shouldn't feel guilty about it.
(This question is being altered because its kinda ridiculous. If you really think that there is something wrong with gay marriages i would appreciate you not applying. thanks.)
What have been your experiences with homo sexuality and why do you think its such a big deal? Do you live in a town that supports it or is against it? i dont think that homosexuality is a big deal at all. my dad owns a club in new york that caters to the gay crowd, and they have always been nice to me. everyone but my dad there is gay, and i think that even thought it is not a man and women together, that love is love.

Religion:i am jewish :0)
Self-Mutilation // Depression:i dont think self mutilation is a good idea. in the end your only hurting yourself, and i dont see how it can help you feel better.
Gun Control- i think that there should be some type of gun control. we shouldnt be scared that anyone can buy a gun and come after us.

Just some questions:

What are your goals in life?my main goal in life is that i can somehow help people. i want people to talk about me in a good way, even after i die. but for now i want to get a stable career, and marry someone with the same thoughts as i.
What is one thing that annoys you? when people say one thing, and do another. lying to me is not going to help the situation.
What do you think your best quality is?i am loyal and kind to my friends and family. i try to help whenever i am given the chance.
Is there anything you would change about yourself?the fact that sometimes i care to much. and i end up getting hurt at the end, sometimes i am to emotional.
Why do you want to be a part of hot_lyke_whoa and what will you contribute to the community?i want to be part of the community because i can i guess give advice, and i am one more person to talk to.
Describe your personality.i am funny, zingy, spontaneous,outgoing.
What inspires you?someone who can have the worst life, but turn it around and make it big and come out on the top.
Is it reflected in your application?i sure do hope so.
Promote us somewhere.
i promoted in 2_much_thinking journal.
Post at least three pictures. At least one clear shot. No nudity.

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Yes, Because of the last Picture.<33
thank you.:0)
alright well thanks anyways.
Need a day to think about it, i will get back to you.
thank you <3`
i didnt have a good reason to say yes
thank you! <3

p.s is that you in the icon? cause if it is your really pretty
awwww yes it is thanx


August 21 2004, 23:02:40 UTC 13 years ago